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It's Cool to BE an OMie

 A book of positive, thoughtful and cool vibes directed toward children, but that will resonate with ALL!  This book brings to the table a whole new world of concepts and ideas that are often overlooked or viewed as less important to skills that kids typically learn.  The world needs more OMies.

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Inspiring OMie tees

At My Little OMies, we believe it's important to wear clothes that are not only comfortable,  but inspiring!  Shop our designs on Bonfire.  All proceeds from sales go towards continuing the OMie mission.  

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Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs.  If you do not see what you are looking for, send us a message and we will create it.        ✌️❤️😊🌎


Yoga charms


($1.00 shipping)

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Tree pose or Warrior II charms.  Great for jewelry making.  Please send me note on what pose you would like upon purchase.  Thank you!


Healing/meditation stones


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Give the gift of natural healing.  You will receive 2 gorgeous tumbled/polished medium size black Apache Tear Stones.  Great for meditation and healing properties.  Each lovingly packaged set contains the story behind the Apache Tear Stone.  The mind can be a very powerful tool in healing the body of most dis-ease.  All purchases help to fund our ongoing mission.