Biography & Credentials

children's yoga instructor
children's life coach

     The creator of My Little OMies, Debbie, has a passion for kids, yoga, and life.  Her mission is to teach kiddos how to love themselves from the inside out.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kent State University and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education.  Debbie has coached and continues to coach various sports at the high school, middle school  and youth levels.  Debbie is a member of the Wadsworth and Medina County Sports Hall of Fame.  She is a certified Life coach and she recieved her kids yoga instructor certification through MiniYogis in 2017.  Debbie is a blogger and the author of the children's book "It's Cool to BE an OMie.   She is a producer for the children's yoga show, "The YOgataters."  She has apperaed on a number of television shows, including NBC's "Fear Factor."  She is involved with numerous charity and volunteer events and orchestrates an annual spring clean up in her hometown.  Debbie has facilitated programs in the youth department of MindValley University under the leadership of Vishen Lakhiani.  Debbie believes in the power of energy and vows to use hers to have a profound impact on the betterment of Humanity.  Debbie is happily married and raising 4 little OMies of her own.