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What does it mean to BE an OMie?

An OMie embraces the practice of yoga and the power of nature to better their mind, body, and soul.  They understand the importance of spreading loving kindness and caring for their self, their commUNITY, and mOTHER Earth.  It's cool to be an OMie....Peace, love, happiness, Earth.


Empower YOUth Retreat "Set YOUr Soul Aglow"

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Friday 12/6/19

6-9 pm

Soothing music, black lights, glow sticks, and body paint will set your soul free for this fun and exhilarating retreat.  We will have a yoga flow, meditate, a flashlight hike, and engage in activities that set our souls aglow.   Each child will receive glow sticks, their own flashlight, and will craft their own glow in the dark mindfulness jar.  This retreat is sure to bring your child's soul aglow.  Please dress in white or neon clothes for a really cool vibe.  Spaces are limited!

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My Little OMies Mission

The passion behind My Little OMies is to empower YOUth with the confidence to be the best little beings that they can be.  My Little OMies embraces and lives the yoga lifestyle.  Our goal is to raise healthy, confident, responsible, honest, resilient, empowered, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent little yogis.   The mission of this progressive educational program is to spread environmental consciousness, social cohesiveness, and communicate mindful techniques through breath and movement while promoting an attitude of self awareness for OUR youth. Our hope is to lead the OMies to a world centric view on humanity and to do ALL things with LOVE!

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"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" Confucius

How do we raise mindful children in a highly distracted world? My Little OMies embodies all aspects of being:  education, athletics, inclusion, cOMmUNITY values, self awareness, global unity, creativity, health, and mental wellness...all while loving and caring for Mother Earth.  My Little OMies offers multifaceted content that exposes the learner to a diversity of lenses through which it is possible to see and interpret OUR world.  My Little OMies places the learner at the center of the learning activities. The curriculum we created makes room for creativity and spontaneity in order for students to thrive according to their aspirations and inquiries. My Little OMies will give OUR children the confidence to manage stress in order to not only survive, but to thrive.  We will provide resources to conscientious parents to help raise children as naturally and organically as possible.  

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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

Embrace the practice of yoga and the power of nature to better ones mind, body, and soul.  Take what is learned on the mat and apply it to our everyday lives.  Self Love and positive self esteem are inside jobs and we are here to help!

Live Simply, but Dream Big!

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